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To get started with on-line registration is necessary to create an account. By clicking the link below: "Register a new user - club / team / dancer?". Please carefully fill in all required fields and press the "Create Account". Then select one of four options: Club - if you are the head coach of the club, Coach - if you coach the club, dancer - if you are a dancer, parents or relatives dancer, Observer - for dispatches (no registration dancers). The first time need to verify your mobile phone number and e-mail (single operation). To do this, you will be prompted to enter a code that will go to the specified mobile phone number as well as your email will mail Flymark "Registration Confirmation", which opened must click "Activate". After these operations you will automatically receive access to FlyMark. Once logged in, check with the principle of registration in the "How to use?"
I can not log in "My cabinet"!
If you are new user, please read the beginning of the section above.
If you are sure of the correctness of input your email address, try to recover password link below "Forgot Password?"
Otherwise contact us Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Rendering.TagBuilder.

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